Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tea for 2 or 10,000

I had the privilege to attend the Tea Party in Milwaukee on Saturday. It was my first one. Overall a very good time and most of the messages were outstanding, all were good.

Most impressive to me was Sheriff David Clarke.

Mark Block did a nice job keeping the program moving along (I guess he has some experience at these things). Joe the Plumber was straight forward and told us we needed to make changes. Messages about global warming by Dr. Willie Soon and Marc Marano on the Health Care bill were encouraging. Manny Perez opened the door to the Hispanic community and Republican Party. Michelle Malkin issued a "call out" to politicians. Local favs James T. Harris, Apostle David King and Vicki McKenna were spot on.

Given the opportunity I'd go again. The anger by the people is toward policies. I think Americans are tired of getting taxed and taxed and taxed for every political whim. These were middle class people who have had enough. It's a warning politicians should take heed of.

For more videos like the one of Sheriff Clarke, visit Badger Blogger's You Tube Page. Nice job for a first time out with the new camera.

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