Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Fair Thoughts

It was fun at the fair tonight. Here's some random thoughts.

Lots of old folks holding hands. At first look and the romantic at me wanted to believe it was because they were in love. I don't doubt this, but then I also had the feeling they were doing it to also keep track of one another.

Guitar hero is a boring event to watch. Saw 2 "matches" inside the expo center. The people doing it just stood there. No stage presence at all. One guy was smoking an e-cigarette. That was as wild as it got.

A nice amount of youth in their teens to thirties stopped by the Republican booth and very proud to be a conservative. That is exciting.

Always a couple of booth trolls. One guy walk past, looked at me and booed. I played sports in the City Conference, you need to do more than that to get to me.

Three guys just wanted to argue and spew out "facts." We just let them ramble on. They threw out lines like "where's your gay republican bumper stickers?" and the sort. Answered we didn't have any but if he'd leave his contact info, we could get him one.

One couple from Janesville lectured me about school choice and how good Obamacare would be because if they weren't given the correct care they could go their congress person and they would make everything alright. I thought, you don't have Gwen Moore as a representative, she doesn't acknowledge issue oriented email even when you specifically ask for it, good luck on her setting health care problems right.

Lots of excitement and anticipation that if the Republicans get back in control that they don't "blow" it again by forgetting why they were elected to office in the first place.

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