Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tosa Council says no to ID

After a 7-7 vote that was broken by Mayor Jill Didier, the council decided not to take any action on the issue. Instead, they're leaving it to their constituents to determine if they feel strongly enough about the issue to initiate a referendum.

The voting line:
For a referendum: Aldermen Cheryl Berdan, Don Birschel, Robert Dennik, Brian Ewerdt, Tim Hanson, Thomas Herzog and Jacqueline Jay

Against a referendum: Aldermen Peter Donegan, James Krol, Dennis McBride, Eric Meaux, Linda Nikcevich, Jerry Stepaniak and Michael Walsh, and Mayor Jill Dider

Absent: Aldermen Jill Organ and Jason Wilke

If this referendum is to move forward supporters must come up with a direct-petition with 3,656 signatures.

I'm in favor of photo ID's for voters, especially in Wisconsin where one can register and vote on the same day. The argument against them is that we'd be disenfranchising certain people. While that position sounds good, I see no evidence of it at all. While working in retail for around 20 years, I've never once had someone tell them they didn't have a photo ID. And if those who make this claim find some people without an ID, do them a favor and take them to get one. Problem solved.

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