Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now a Candidate

Today I filed my papers to become a candidate for the Wisconsin Assembly - 12th District. This is the seat currently held by Rep. Fred Kessler.

I'm running on who I am - a conservative.

I think the state government should lower taxes. How? Well first by looking for duplicate services and eliminating them. Those who receive money should be held to the highest standards and if they don't meet those standards, they should stop getting the funds.

This budget and previous one's have been put together behind closed doors. Our legislators need to be held accountable, especially when deciding on how to administer money. No budget should be voted on until the citizens of the state have a say in it. We need a daylight budget process.

I also believe that education is priority. The state should encourage the best in schools, no matter if it is a public, private, charter, choice, virtual school or home schooling. What matters is the education received.

In this economy and really at all times, job creation is important. Private industry provides the best avenue for job growth and entrepreneurship. The state should not stand in the way. Less government allows for more freedom to grow in all areas of life including the business climate.

I'll have more on my website within a couple of weeks.


asianbadger said...

Best of luck, Sam. It would be great if you could beat would be a win for all of Wisconsin.

yoSAMite said...

I'm going to do my best. It will be difficult, but I honestly believe it's doable.

MommaBlogger said...

I must have missed it when you posted this, good luck to you :)

I do have one thing to say though, about education. I firmly believe that the state should have absolutely nothing to do with schools whatsoever. Essentially what you have is a school that is run by the government, creating children who believe that they are here to serve the government, not the other way around. There are kids coming out of public schools these days that can barely think their own way out of a paper bag. They are not taught how to think for themselves, they are taught to think what they're taught.

For example, I recently ran across someone who graduated only a year ago, who was convinced that holding air in your lungs would cause you to sink in the swimming pool. This is an adult product of the public schools, and the person thought something so absurd that I wondered whether they learned anything at all. And they were a straight A student, too.

Consider this as well. I think the average cost of putting a child through the public school is roughly $7000 a year. I can teach my 3 school aged kids for less than $100 total. Tell me again how it's cost effective to send the kids to public schools?

If more mothers stayed at home to teach there children, the pay scale wouldn't be so spread out, there would be more jobs available, and those same mothers could afford to teach their own children and be involved in their child's lives, creating a stable environment for everyone, and likely reducing crime as well. It's amazing what a simple little thing like homeschooling and keeping the mother at home can do. So perhaps instead of pushing for more funding for public schools, perhaps push for less. Though I doubt that any one would think clearly enough to realize that you'd be doing something good for the children, and not something bad. But then again, we've been taught that the public school system is the ONLY system, so I guess you can't blame them, can you?