Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Colon-no-sense

So now Rep Colon wants to stop Milwaukee students from choosing what school they can attend by dropping the Open Enrollment for Milwaukee schools only. He claims the best schools in the state and the country are in Milwaukee.

He obviously lives in an alternaworld. According to him, choice schools take $40 million out of Milwaukee schools and OE takes an additional $20 million. He's very sincere, but wrong.

By the way the, his amendment was defeated 1 with Reps Colon & Grigsby (I think - audio was low) and Sen Taylor voting in favor.

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MommaBlogger said...

Just another good reason why we should not be funding government schools. It's about the money, not the students. I can educate my children on $100/year or less and they will likely come out smarter than many of their counterparts because they will learn how to think for themselves and ask questions, instead of being told to shut up all day long.