Friday, June 26, 2009

Garden Party - Tosa Style

I had the chance to go the Annual Tosa Republican Party Garden Party Wednesday evening and it was interesting.

I'm new to this whole thing and I must admit that I'm a bit uncomfortable at events like this. The major reason is that I'm more interested in others rather than myself. I mean Scott Walker reps were there; Dan Sebring, who's running for US Congress; Dave Westlake, US Senate candidate; Leah Vukmir, who's running for State Senate; Richard Graber, former Ambassador to the Czech Republic; Jill Didier, mayor of Wauwatosa; Tosa aldermen, and lots more politically involved people.

Me, I'm a neophyte and also a candidate for State Assembly. I'm was not in awe as very few people have that effect on me. I was interested in the workings of the group. They were very freindly and kind to me, which I appreciated. I had a few offers of help which I will take people up on, I wrote those names down.

I guess I'm going to have to be more assertive and that will come as my campaign progresses. For those interested, things are going well and I should have my website up and running on July 1st.

I'm also interested in growing the conservative movement as I do believe we have the solutions to what is happening today. Less government is just better, especially for our pocketbooks.

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