Monday, November 24, 2008

Sometimes You Gotta Know

With the long series on drunken driving by the Journal-Sentinel the paper also sent out a survey of state senators and assembly persons about their views on 6 questions concerning the issue. My state employees, Lena Taylor and Fred Kessler didn't respond.

So today I sent each of them the questions with a request of them to answer. Here's a copy of my email:

My name is Sam Hagedorn and I live in your senate district. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is in the process of long series of articles on drunken driving. They have an online questionnaire which they sent to politicians and you didn't respond. I'd like to know what your answers are to the following questions. And all I'd like for answers now is Support - Opposed - Undecided.

This should not take but 5 minutes of your time. Thanks in advance for your time and service.

Here are the questions:

Do you support lowering the felony OWI from 5th offense to 3rd offense?

Legislators have promised to introduce a bill that would require an ignition interlock for anyone who has more than .16 blood alcohol content. Do you support or oppose this idea?

Twenty-three states have banned all-you-can drink bar specials. Wisconsin is not among them. Should the state ban all-you-can-drink bar specials?

Wisconsin is the only state in America that does not treat the first OWI as a criminal offense. Should first OWI be a criminal offense in Wisconsin?

Some college presidents have called for reducing the drinking age. Do you support lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18 if doing so would not cost Wisconsin any federal transportation funds?

MADD’s national president recently called for Wisconsin to allow roadside sobriety checkpoints. Would you support this change?

Wisconsin hasn’t raised its beer tax since 1969, and the tax rate is among the lowest in the country. Do you support any increase in the beer tax rate?

Should 5th time offenders convicted of felony OWI receive mandatory prison time?

I will report the findings as soon as they respond to me.


Chris the Bartender said...

I liked this post. You ask great questions we should have answers to. Hope you don't mind, I linked to it in my blog post for tomorrow.

Khoolaid said...

Thanks Chris, I don't mind at all. Still haven't got any answers and I won't quit until I do.