Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Political Humdrums

There are some activities that should be safe from politics.  Mother's Day is one of those.

Here a couple of social media Mother's Day wishes that make you want to scream.

Other moms don't matter?

I'd like 9-5 to show me a mom who doesn't work.

And then the worst mother's day greeting has to go to the liberal sleaze outfit One Wisconsin Now and it head honcho Scot Ross.
 There were some more sensible Mother's Day greeting also we should acknowledge them.

We would all live in a much happier society if we kept our lives in a proper perspective.  You would think that some people and organizations would be able to see the world outside of their political ghetto and spread some joy.  It's sad to think that a joyous occasion can't spoil their sad world view.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sen. Carpenter, Reps Zepnick and Zamarripa Absent Without Excuse in New School Happenings

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy
What looks to be a very exciting educational opportunity, St. Augustine Preparatory Academy, held a major event last week to announce some major partnerships in their goal to offer a world class scholastic alternative on Milwaukee's south side.  According to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, "Marquette, MSOE and Wheaton Franciscan, [Gus] Ramirez said, would help develop health care and engineering programs designed to give St. Augustine students a leg up in those industries."

It was also reported that State Senator Alberta Darling and Assemblyman Dale Kooyenga were in attendance and were acknowledge by Gus Ramirez, the Waukesha philanthropist who is the point man for the school.

St. Augustine is being built on Milwaukee's near side side on the border of State Rep. Josh Zepnick's  9th District and the 8th Assembly District of JoCasta Zamarripa and in the heart of Sen. Tim Carpenter's district. From all accounts none of them attended the event.

You have to wonder why two state legislators often demonized by the minority media and Milwaukee Democrats about not caring for Milwaukee would be praised for their involvement in the south side school while three legislators whose districts will benefit from the $70 million dollar investment are not only silent but absent. 

I'm sure it would have nothing to do with the Milwaukee Teachers Union belief that "the school wouldn't be beneficial to the community". It would be nice to one time see those who lay claim to working for their constituents and the children to break from the status quo and truly make a stand.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dale Kooyenga vs the City of Milwaukee

We often hear how "non-community" Republican legislators dislike Milwaukee.  They do crazy things like propose legislation that will shake up the status quo and we all know how much current leadership dislikes being challenged.  One of the biggest perpetrators is Rep. Dale Kooyenga.

Well Rep. Kooyenga has really stepped into it now.  He read a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about a how a Wisconsin law prohibits anyone who owns a tavern, restaurant or retail liquor business from obtaining a permit for a brewery, and in particular how Like Minds brewery had decided to expand its business in Chicago rather than Milwaukee because of the law.

Kooyenga's brashness is that he set up a meeting between the owners of the brewery, the Tavern League of Wisconsin, the state Department of Revenue and legislators to find a work around for this problem.

In the end Like Minds will end up with both a brewery in Milwaukee and Chicago.  A win for everyone.

What's sad about this story is that not one Milwaukee area legislator paid attention to the article nor saw an opportunity to bring jobs to Milwaukee.  Where was Jonathan Brostoff, whose 19th Assembly district is now the home of Like Minds.  Where was Sen. Chris Larson whose Senate district is also the beneficiary of Rep. Kooyenga's initiative? 

How about Reps. David Bowen, Mandella Barnes, Leon Young, Evan Goyke, LaTonya Johnson - all absent.  Instead they are content playing the victim role for their constituents and laying false accusations about a legislator who's willing to look at a circumstance and see the potential in any situation.

These Milwaukee area legislators will soon be running for re-election and they will fill their campaign literature with excuses about why they didn't accomplish a thing in the last two years.  It's time for Milwaukee residents to ask not only the tough questions, but the follow ups.  When will these men and women do something positive for the city rather than blame Republicans for at least trying something new and seeing the realm of possibility for an underutilized city.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

County Supervisor John Weishan Playing Loose With Campaign Rules - Again

It's been reported that Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan is being investigated for falsely claiming he alone gathered the signatures required to gain access to the April 5th voting ballot.  It's our understanding that not only did he falsify multple nomination papers, a felony, but he lied under oath to the Milwaukee Elections Commission.

This isn't the first time that Weishan has been reckless when it comes to gaining the trust of voters.  In his failed campaign for the Wisconsin Assembly the Milwaukee Supervisor used county money to lay a seed for the seat by mailing a pseudo campaign literature piece to Waukesha County residents in the 15th Assembly District.  The seat he filed to run for shortly after the mailing.  I'm sure residents of Milwaukee were pleased to see their money used to keep Waukesha residents "informed".

To add insult to injury Weishan then relied on his buddies on the county board judiciary committee to have Milwaukee County residents pay lawyer Mike Maistelman $9,382 to justify his ill advised expenditure.  I'm sure it was purely an act of God that Maistelman's fee fell just under the $10,000 to keep jurisdiction in the judiciary committee.

Back to the current dilemma, why Weishan felt he needed to sign the nomination papers rather than the person who distributed them is beyond me.  It's legal and commonplace for politicians to have others help them gather the required signatures.  What was there to hide on Weishan's part?

Every politician is susceptible to a campaign error, but when campaign mistakes become the norm it's time for action. The case is now in the hands of the Brown County District Attorney, who Milwaukee County Chief Judge Maxine White assigned the case to after Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm requested a special prosecutor to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Weishan does have an opponent on Tuesday, Scott Espeseth.  One can only hope that voters in the 16th Supervisory District get to hear the truth about the current Supervisor before Tuesday's election.  Espeseth will serve the area well.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hypocrisy, thy name is Chris Larson

As State Senator and County Executive candidate Chris Larson continues to badger Senator Lena Taylor, he comes out with one of the best lines of sanctimoniousness hogwash of the election season.

Larson who's campaign is moving forward on the backs of the progressively wrong groups Wisconsin Jobs Now, Voces de la Frontera, Fight for $15, the Wisconsin Working Families Party (which really isn't a political party) and other union front groups he has the nerve to say this in a politically charged press release about the actions of Lena Taylor supporters:

"Having her allies, like former Alderman Mike McGee, harass my campaign staff and volunteers, or disrupt important community events is simply uncalled for"
Larson, who's supported by the George Soros fundlings that have disrupted Republican events across the country and are gearing up to do the same here in Wisconsin has the nerve to criticize other mobocratic groups who are doing the same, this time the difference is his associates are on the getting end rather than the receiving end.

This campaign battle between the new progressive Kessler/Larson wing of the Democratic party, the loosing power of Milwaukee black democrats wing and the old money wing of the Dem party is getting uglier and uglier - and I have to admit that I'm liking it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Will the Milwaukee County Board Play Santa

In the continuing battle of power between the Milwaukee County Board and Chris Abele with the consequential wasting of money, County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb is going to ask the board to not only authorize a lawsuit against Abele, but to secede power to Lipscomb.

As I've mentioned before, one of the gripes the board has against the executive is his perceived power grab.  It makes no sense to me that Lipscomb would not only ask for a change in the county ordinance to acquire unilateral power but that the board would give it to him.

The MKE County Board with the blessings of Chris Abele will also in all probability "give" the Milwaukee Art Museum some of the most valuable properties in the City. The cash strapped county in a NON CASH transaction with "the museum would end an 84-year lease and take ownership of its buildings, including the lower level of the building that is home to the War Memorial Center."

Not only will the County Board give the three buildings to the Art Museum, they will pay the Art Museum about $2 million dollars and lose over $1 million on parking revenue.

Is it really any wonder why Milwaukee County residents voted to reduce the boards pay by half?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Devil Made Me Do It

It wasn’t true when Flip Wilson popularized it, it wasn’t true in the Garden of Eden and it isn’t true today.

No one’s words can make me or you do anything. They can push, pull, intimidate, encourage, depress, frighten, please or soothe us, but they can’t make us do anything.  Even God’s Word can’t make one do something, including becoming a Christian.  God makes it clear that salvation is the work of the Holy Spirit. 

It’s a weak person or group that refuses to take responsibility for their action and in today’s political climate the weak are inheriting the earth.  People from both sides of the political spectrum want to blame others for their actions or often their lack of action.

I believe the term is man up.  Take responsibility for your actions. Nobody’s words make you do anything, you choose to act based on input, but you choose no one else.  Neither President Obama, Donald Trump nor Governor Walker are responsible for your behavior – you are buttercup.  

Face up to it like a grown up and accept the consequences of your actions.

Milwaukee Mayor Debate - "Really?" Statements by Tom Barrett

Watching the WISN Mayoral Debate and here's some "really" statements by Tom Barrett.

According to Barrett, Milwaukee is a "racially balanced" city.

Barrett sees the poverty all the time.  His solution is to rebuild the libraries.

You're assessment went down Bob, we checked.  Who's we?  Is the mayor's office involved in this campaign?

Education? - The mayors done nothing and says he will continue to do so.

When asked about turn around district in MPS Barrett was asked if it was true that he declined the opportunity to be involved.  His answer was no, but then explained how he did nothing and chose not be involved, so the legislature moved on to the County Executive.  A perfect Barrett do nothing answer.

Barrett said "I don't want a mayor who won't take a stand."
     Isn't that the epitome of the liberal argument, I don't want someone who does what I
     do or in the case of Barrett he argues that he wouldn't vote for himself.

In closing arguments, Barrett does the personal attack against Donovan rather than praise his accomplishments.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Lipscomb Sues To Do As I Say, Not As I Do

One of the major complaints the Milwaukee County Board has against County Executive Chris Abele is that he acts unilaterally without consulting the board.

Well it seems that this "evil" is not confined to the Executives office. County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb, a lawyer, had his lawsuit against the County Exec dismissed because - get this - he and the outside legal counsel he hired did not have the authority to file the lawsuit under state law.

Lipscomb talked a majority of the County Board into giving $150,000 to the Madison based law firm of Lester Pine.  It's been a while since the Democrats have sued the state, so I guess it was time to toss some gravy their way.  But according to the MJS article, the bill stands at $162,000 and that's not the end of it.

It seems that Lipscomb took the permission by the board to waste the $150,000 on deciding whether a lawsuit could be initiated to actually suing the County Exec, which wasn't approved by the board. He unilaterally sued to stop Abele from acting unilaterally.

With the County looking at major expenses in the future, don't you think that the County Board under the leadership of Theo Lipscomb would be wise to stop wasting money on frivolous lawsuits and start looking out for the voters of Milwaukee County.