Monday, April 21, 2014

It's what I Do

It's not brain surgery it's retail sales.  That's what I and millions of others in the country do to make a living.

What makes this job so much fun and so fulfilling are smiles.  Smiles on the face of the young lady who just picked up that CD she's been looking for for what seems like forever.

The smile on the older gentleman who remembered the film from his youth and never thought he'd be able to see it again because he couldn't remember the exact title the only remembered one of the actors in the film

The sparkling eyes and infectious enthusiasm of the young tyke who has discovered new episodes of their favorite cartoon along with the grateful smile of the adults who now have something else to watch with the child.

What I do is not life and death, though I have helped pick music for someone's funeral and I'm sure some of the products I've sold have helped with conception.  What I and millions of others do is bring a simple joy to people's lives.

What makes this occupation worth it are the smiles and thank yous. Those are priceless.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pot Hole Trolley?

I got to thinking today while driving down 92nd Street between Capitol Dr and Hampton Ave, would the Trolley proposed by Mayor Tom Barrett survive this street.

Along with that, will the tracks and streets proposed for the downtown trolley not be affected by the weather like the roads are this year?

Just a wandering thought.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Democratic Diversity

I was once told by a black democrat that Milwaukee county meetings were mostly a white event.  I was really surprised by this revelation as the impression an outsider gets is that the party is totally integrated in everything it does.

Well this past weekend was the Democratic Founders Day Event and it's quite clear that from this screen grab that the founders were very well represented.

Wisconsin Republicans will Succeed, not Secede

The Republican Party of Wisconsin will be holding its State convention on May 2-3.  It's a large affair with all the political surroundings of socializing, speeches by candidates and politicians, a chance to make new friends and renew relationships.

Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has set the stage for a bit of controversy with his article on a resolution concerning the right of Wisconsin to secede from the US.  Unfortunately the article is very misleading in that Republicans will not be voting to secede from the union.  The importance of this resolution is also overblown as it is just one of probably 25 or so that will be voted on and discussed during business.

From what I've seen on social media the discussion seems to be full of misinformation and wild accusations.

Personally I enjoy the process of moving resolutions, having participated in the RPMC and 4th Congressional District Caucus'.  The discussion are interesting, mostly respectful and display the best of what political discourse should be about.

I have some advice for those freaking out about the resolution.  If you don't like what's happening in the Republican Party, join in and make changes. As a member you can attend a caucus and vote on resolutions and even propose your own.  The freedom of diverse ideas suits us just fine.  You see a party of inclusion enjoys and encourages the back and forth banter and the concept of iron sharpening iron.

True political diversity is not the externals, but the openness and encouragement of a wide variety of ideas.  We Republicans will grow stronger because of our freedom of opinion and it will encourage others to join in.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Milwaukee's Black Conservative Coalition

It's the rock in the water and we're looking forward to ripple effect.  A few phone calls and emails and we start with 10.  Ten conservatives wanting to effect the lives of Milwaukee residents in a positive way.

No more being satisfied with #10 worst run city in America. No more being #8 in the 25 worst cities to be young.  No more accepting a  50% black unemployment rate in the City of Milwaukee.

No more hiding thinking you're the only conservative in a sea of progressive liberalism.

These men and women have a vision.  The Republican Party of Milwaukee County and the 4th Congressional District Republicans are thrilled to support the Coalition. Working together we will show Republicans and Conservatives around the country how getting back to the basics of the Republican Party and how outreach is done correctly. 

The first meeting was a month ago with a second one this week. 

Five organizations represented, 3 black conservatives running for office in Milwaukee (looking for more),  and a calendar of events are on the agenda for this new group. 

I'm excited to be a part of this group, I'm honored to be working with these brave and passionate men and women and together we are fired up for the upcoming elections.

Watch the ripple grow.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Good Bye My Dear Friend

A very close friend of mine passed away today.  Rick Kalal took the final step in our time/space dimension and moved into eternity. 

I cried when I read his wife’s Lorraine facebook post.

During my single parent Bible study days a lady friend told me that I should this Pastor and believed we would get along great.  Well one night I stopped by her house and who should be there but Rick.  We got along great and a strong friendship ensued.  He also became my pastor when I joined Eastbrook Church on his invitation.

Some highlights were a very crazy bonding time in Dallas for a Christian Booksellers Association event with Bruce Brunner, going to a Friday evening Rocky Horror Picture Show screening (yes Rick was my pastor at the time), getting together with Rick, Stu and Ray for great talks and lunches, and spending hours just talking, listening and learning.

Rick was one of the smartest men I knew, he earned his Doctorate from Trinity Evangelical in Chicago.  He was my go to guy when I had theological questions, presenting both sides of issues and answering the hard questions I often had.

This was a man who loved the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, his wife and kids and his mom, dad and brother and was free with the God given wisdom and Love bestowed upon him and shared to the many thousands he ministered to.  He had a way of sharing that made you feel complete and wanting more of Jesus.  That’s what “good” Christians do; they point you toward the real Answer in life not themselves.

I had the chance to talk to Rick a few months back.  I’m thankful that I didn’t pass up that opportunity.  I remember telling Rick I loved him and thinking how blessed and lucky I was to have a friend like him.  My heart rejoiced after the conservation and now it’s sad.  It’s a selfish sad because Rick’s’ gain of standing before the Father is my loss.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rep. Kessler Stands Wrongly Alone

There's an old kids song that says one of these things is not like the other in the state legislature that one thing seems to be representative Frederick P. Kessler.  

The Assemblyman who misspeaks for the 12 Assembly District was the only person in the legislature to vote against the state taking over Milwaukee County's mental health system .  The measure passed the State Senate 33-0 and the Assembly 89-1.  It begs the question of how out of touch is the senior representative when even County Executive Chris Abele and a majority of the malfunctioning County Board agreed and this. 
Supervisor Peggy Romo West chimed in with this wisdom, "Obviously, what we are doing is not working," she said. "None of us has expertise in mental health. So, for us to make decisions about how to run the hospital doesn't make much sense."
While Abele said, "We need the procurement of services to be as far away from politics as we can get it,"

Kessler being a statist, voted against the reform because,

Instead of having a the failing health system under the purview of medical professionals Rep. Kessler would rather keep the system in the hands of politicians.  A position that has led to the shaky ground and poor record the mental health is currently on. 

That mistake has been going on too long as has the service of the septuagenarian Representative from the 12th.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Second Chance for County’s Family Care program

Tomorrow the Milwaukee County Board will take up County Executive Chris Abele's veto of the "living wage" ordinance.  It should be a spirited debate, one of which I'm sure Supervisor David Bowen will get the permission of the SEIU to participate in.

The board passed the ordinance at it's last meeting by a 12-6 vote, enough to over ride the Exec's veto.   The big question for tomorrow is if someany  supervisor from the majority will change their vote or to abstain in order to sustain the veto.

At risk in this poorly drafted ordinance is future of the County’s Family Care program.  According to County Comptroller Scott Manske, a result of the living wage ordinance could very well bankrupt program.

Let's hope that the supervisors pull back and make a prudent long term decision when voting on Abele's veto.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sen. Harris' Narrow View of Equal Voting Access

State Senator Nikiya Harris sent out a press release concerning the passage of SB 324.  I can appreciate the Senator's concern for voting rights, but what I don't understand is her somewhat illogical and narrow arguments in her press release.

Argument #1, "Republicans are telling an elderly woman that she may not be able to vote early, even though she normally does to avoid the long lines on Election Day."
Well it seems to me that this elderly woman she speaks of doesn't work and can early vote two weeks prior to the election from 7am - 8pm on weekday.
Argument #2, "They are telling the mother of two that she needs to figure out child care quickly during the weekday if she would like to vote, because she will no longer have the ability to come in on the evening or weekends."
A few points - the voting dates are already set, so unless this person is a low information voter and doesn't know the dates election it seems she would have more then enough time to find babysitters.  If she can't, there is nothing stopping her from bringing the children along.  I work the polls and see quite a few families use this opportunity for a family outing.
Argument #3, " They are telling that low-wage worker, who cannot afford to take an hour off from his job, that his voice does not matter if he cannot make it into the clerk's office during weekday hours."
This person has the ability as do the first two people to ask for a mail in ballot.
Finally I've seen this meme floating around the internet, "However, in 2012, the city of Milwaukee had 35,200 in-person absentee voters and the Village of Big Bend had 114. Assuming 90 hours of in-person absentee voting, the Village of Big Bend would have to process a voter every 48 minutes. For Milwaukee, it would be every nine seconds."
The problem with this discussion is that it presumes that Milwaukee would only have 1 voting station set up.  As someone who's voted in person absentee in the past (because I work the polls) I happen to know that there are more then one voting stations up.  There is nothing stopping the City of Milwaukee from using as many voting stations as they want or need to get the job done.
Sen. Harris should fight for the citizens of the 6th Senate District and those who live in Wisconsin.  The SEIU (see picture above) is not her only constituency and it's time she consider this in her next press release.  Equal access is equal access for all, not just a select few.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sheriff David Clarke at CPAC - A Winner

Sheriff David Clarke was a panelist at CPAC 2014 and was a hit.  I'm not sure if it was the format or what but he quite impressive.