Sunday, August 24, 2014

Standing Strong on 250,000

Scott Walker released a new ad this weekend and in it he didn't back down from his promise of 250,000 jobs for Wisconsin.

Now will Wisconsin get that number of jobs?  No, but I still like the backbone of the Governor to stand on his convictions.  There is nothing wrong with setting a high goal and working toward it, even if you don't succeed in the way you thought you would.

When candidate Walker made the job statement most people felt the 250,000 would be easily attainable in the economic recovery we were hoping for.  No one - including the President or other economic geeks could have guessed that the recovery would take so long and be basically a jobless recovery.

After his re-election I hope the Governor has learned something and will speak about Wisconsin and all it's parts working together to grow the economy and jobs.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ald Joe Davis moving the ball upcourt on New Arena

One exciting bonus to the 2016 Mayoral Race should be a good healthy discussion of issues affecting the City of Milwaukee.

Bob Donovan's already in, according to Mayor Tom Barrett's campaign chest he's in and Ald. Joe Davis is making waves before jumping in.

One of the issues coming up quickly, if news reports are on target, is the building of new basketball arena or bidding the Bucks adios.  Joe Davis has issued a press release supporting the building of a new arena, the importance of keeping the Bucks and discussing the idea of increasing the city's bonding authority by $100,000.

No matter where you stand on the issue of the arena, this issue will be a thorny one for area politicians as it will include not only Milwaukee maintaining it's Major League City status but also how politicians will prioritize the allocation of funds.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zamarripa's Positive Press Release About Embarrassing Vote Totals

What would cause Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa to brag about only 678 people from the 8th Assembly District to vote for her?  A 24% increase from the embarrassing vote total of 2012.

So lets take a look at the vote totals from the last three elections in which Ms. Zamarripa has been involved.

2010 - 1,465 total votes - 755 for Zamarripa
2012 - 900 total votes - 599 for Zamarripa
2014  1116 total votes - 678 for Zamarripa

It seems that one could draw a couple of conclusions from the above data.  JoCasta has done a poor job of building a voting base in her district, in fact she's decreased her Democratic base.

Since winning the right to redistrict the 8th & 9th Assembly Districts Ms. Zamarippa and Voces de la Frontera have succeeded in gerrymandering the districts to keep the voter turnouts low.

As a side note here's an inside look about the race from Robert Miranda (you'll have to scroll down a bit).  It seems JoCasta spent about $20 for every vote she received.  Even with Union support that's some serious cash.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

What's Right for the 4th

This coming Tuesday, August 12th, the State of Wisconsin (at least 15% of them) will vote in the partisan primaries.  There are not any state wide races that will drive people to the polls even with the Democratic Attorney General race.

Locally there are races that have the voters worked up.  I've mentioned the Racine debacle for the 21st Senate seat before.  Hopefully the winner will be able to patch the party faithful and win in November.  

The Dems have primaries in the 8th, 10th, 16th and 19th Assembly. It seems that the races in those districts is coming down to who's more "progressive" along with who's kissing the Unions backside, who's bowing down to County Executive Abele's wallet and who's independent of the previous two positions.

The big kahona on the left is the Sheriff's race. Part of the pitch to combat a hard left push to get rid of current Sheriff, David Clarke. Why the teachers union would want to get of Clarke by wasting money on his removal is beyond me, how will that help the children?

A suggestion by some conservatives including most of the talking heads is for Republicans to cross over and vote for Sheriff Clarke in the primary.  I say hold your horses.

The 4th Congressional District Republicans have their own primaries to worry about.  David King and Dan Sebring are vying to take on either Gary George or Gwen Moore in November.  Why would those of us who care about these mens effort turn our back on them.  I'm supporting David King because he's out in the north side of Milwaukee working to grow the Republican party by introducing them to the Frederick Douglas Republican movement.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post the 20th Assembly District has it's own three person primary to take on Christine Sinicki. Why would these people want to have their voice silenced and not vote in this primary.

In the 12th Assembly District Russell Goodwin is working to get 274 write in votes to be put on the November ballot.  I'll be writing his name in.

So what's the solution for conservatives/Republicans in Milwaukee County.

How about this
1) Those in the 4th Congressional District vote for either David King or Dan Sebring
2) Wauwatosa Republicans can cross over as they are in the 5th congressional district and have no primaries.  The exception being the 24th ward who can write in Russell Goodwin.
3) West Allis Republicans can write in Sheriff Clarke.
4) South and Southwest suburban Republicans can write in Sheriff Clarke unless they live in the 20th Assembly District.

This seems to be a win - win - win for everyone involved.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weber's Low Information Endorsement

For those of us who spend more time than most on politics, one of the biggest frustrations is the low information voter. Often the person who votes "the party" for no other reason then because.

Well on the radio this week I heard what I'd like to call a low information endorsement from a radio host.

I listen to Jay Weber in the morning as I'm getting ready for work and often enjoy the show. This week he aired a segment discussing the 20th Assembly Republican Primary.  He talked about the virtues of voting for Justin Morales, concentrating on his Hispanic heritage, the fact that he's a Cudahy alderman and that he is moderate in his conservatism..

He ended the mini segment with saying something like - "I don't know much about the other two running".

That's indicative of a low information voter. Either to busy to get informed or not caring enough to do so.  Mr. Weber is a pro and I was very disappointed in his low information endorsement.

I attended the Candidate Forum for the 20th Assembly Republican Candidates on Monday hosted by the Milwaukee South Branch of the RPMC and came away not as convinced as Jay that Mr. Morales is the best choice in the primary.

Molly McGartland stood out above both Mr. Morales and Mike Pierce in the hour long forum. She answered the questions with ideas to move forward and was not afraid to take stands on issues. Both Morales and Pearce tried to middle of the road answers and it didn't bode either of them well.

All three were courteous toward one another (take note Racine Republicans) and opposing views.  That was admirable and suggests that all three could represent the area well.

Now whoever wins the primary will have my support over the current representative, Christine Sinicki.  And Mr. Weber you have a powerful tool, use it wisely.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Hogwash from the 21st Sewer, Um Senate District

The race for the 21st Senate District in Wisconsin will go down as one of the most contentious Republican primaries in Wisconsin history.  As Jonathan Steitz and Van Wanggaard work hard to win the opportunity to run as the Republican in the November election, their campaign "helpers" continue to act like children and muck up the race.

And now for some reason, WTMJ talker Charlie Sykes has chimed in, not attacking either candidate to try to prove his independence, but to attack a volunteer for Steitz campaign, Mike Murphy.

When I saw the attack piece on the TMJ website the first thoughts were why and why now?

I got to wondering if this attack on Murphy by Sykes was payback from their prior social media squabble and if so why would he renew it just weeks before the election.  Was it meant to hurt Steitz in the homestretch, an ill timed opportunity to jab at Murphy, both of those or is there some other motive I'm not seeing.  Could it be a backhanded endorsement of Wanggaard? 

I would like to Charlie to answer the question of motive.  I work retail during the days so I don't listen to Sykes on the radio and I'm not a paying member of Right Wisconsin so I don't get any insight there so if he's explained that I apologize. 

Before I continue I will come clean and admit I've met Charlie Sykes once, shook his hand, introduced myself and that was it.  I'm a member of the Republican Party County and 4th CD leadership so I'm very familiar with Mike Murphy.

Now for a little defense of Mr. Murphy. I've seen facebook photos of Mike knocking on doors getting nomination signatures, at festivals and parades in support of various candidates from the Governor, Lt. Gov on down the chain.  If Charlie's supposition is right and Mikes backing hurts Jonathan Steitz, then his support should also damage these other candidates.  There is no proof of this other than the mud slinging from supporters of Steitz's opponent.

My personal interaction with Mike has been one of cooperation and friendship even though we don't agree on every political position. The key is that we've worked toward a common goal of electing Republicans without attacking one another personally. 

Mike works hard to shape the Republican party in his beliefs, as does every member.  He spearheaded the most successful fundraiser for the 4th Congressional District which will help our candidates and outreach activities this year.

As to Charlie's insinuation that the "fringe" will harm the GOP.  I totally disagree. If a political party wants to be a large tent organization, they need to openly encourage everyone to take part in party activities including writing resolutions and having a full voice in the caucus.

I found the Republican State Convention exciting. Those with opposing views freely debating and then accepting whatever the majority voted on.  That to me is democracy in action. 

To finish up, if I ever run for office again I'd be more then pleased have Mike Murphy in my corner.  I'd also feel the same way if Charlie Sykes would support me.  You see we don't have to be in clone agreement to work to change Milwaukee, Wisconsin and America.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wis 21st Senate Debacle

Christian Schneider wrote an interesting article in this weekends Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the Wisconsin 21st Senate District primary. The articles focus was on whether one candidate was too conservative, not conservative enough or just the right amount of conservative .
Schneider laid some interesting groundwork and imposed some compelling questions. As usual my questions weren't the ones that Mr Schneider looked at. 
Van Wanggaard had a choice to make, vote yes on Act 10 and possibly lose his Senate seat for a short period or vote no and keep the seat for a very short period.

This isn't the first time in recent memory that the right vote cost a politician their job. The first was George Petak and his vote concerning Miller Park and Racine County being a part of the stadium tax syndicate, the second was when Senator Tom Reynolds withheld his vote on the state budget until automatic tax gas increases were taken out of it. Both men stood their ground and ended their legislative careers.

Van Wanggaard faced a similar situation but he had the safety net underneath his decision. One of the concerns the senator had was for the safety of his family. The Democrats unwisely unleashed there hatred not only on legislators during this contentious time but on their families, threatening to do physical harm. This has no place in politics yet you see this way too often when certain groups don't get their way.

An underlying truth in Van Wanggaard's decision was redistricting. It was common knowledge that the Republicans would take advantage of the their newly won majorities in the Assembly and Senate to strengthen those majorities in both of those houses, something the Democrats thought they would have the opportunity to do had they kept control of both.  So Wanggaard 's choice was 1 - vote for Act 10 and possibly lose that office for a couple of years with the opportunity to run again in a stronger Republican district or 2 - vote against Act 10 and probably keep his job for a couple years and face a strong primary challenge this year.

Unfortunately for Wanggaard he seems to have drawn the short straw on both accounts.  
The sad part of this primary is not the qualifications of either Wanggaard nor his primary opponent, Jonathan Steitz, but the reaction of those supporting both of them with disgusting actions and less then party building personal attacks.
I really don't understand nor appreciate the intense feelings by either camp, because when you have to resort to name calling, verbally attacking one another and just overall repugnant behavior you need to reassess what you're doing.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Slow Down Girl

Dan Bice is reporting that Marina Dimitrevic "used her key cards to park her car and enter and exit the county courthouse on only 16 occasions between April 14 and June 20."

I bet she can't wait for the August recess the County Board takes each year to slow down some.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Dislike Being a Republican

It took me years to become a Republican. I've always been conservative in my views but I'd never been interested in being a part of a political party.

My interest in partisan politics started with the advent of cable TV in Milwaukee and watching the Iran Contra and the Judge Bork hearings. They still didn't sway me to join the party, but the arrogance of Democrat's running those hearings turned me further away from that party.

The tipping point came when I ran for the Assembly and had to make a decision between being a Democrat or a Republican. As I looked at the platforms for each party it wasn't a difficult choice - I am a republican.

But not everything about being a Republican is ice cream and warm apple pie.

I dislike being a Republican because of party in-fighting.  Every organization has people with different gifts and ideas on what is and isn't important. Even the Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians about the importance of every part of an organization when it says, "Yes, there are many parts, but only one body. The eye can never say to the hand, “I don’t need you.” The head can’t say to the feet, “I don’t need you.” In fact, some parts of the body that seem weakest and least important are actually the most necessary.
The problem is when we refuse to acknowledge the importance of those with different gifts and views. Those with the power are pleased with the way things are and those out of power demand and work for change. 

Maybe we should talk some advice from Martin Luther, 
"In Essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, love"

I dislike being a Republican because of the top down mindset of some in the  organization rather than the bottom up viewpoint. Using the Bible as a reference again it teaches us that the best leader is the best servant. If more politicians and party leaders would take this wisdom to heart there would be a dynamic change not only in the Republican Party but in cities, counties, the state and our nation.

I dislike being a Republican when elected politicians stray from our core principles with an arrogance of them knowing better than years of history.  Respect of the Constitution and equality under the law, limited and effective government, individual freedom and opportunity for everyone should never ever take the backseat to any other views.  Our platform is not a suggestion box, it's the foundation for everything we stand for.

As much as it seems that I dislike being a Republican something I know for sure - I'd hate being a Democrat.

Give me the Money - Part City

The Finance & Personal Committee of the City of Milwaukee has put on hold a proposal to raise its "livable wage" to $10.10 immediately, with an increase to $11 & some change next year.

The discussion in committee was excellent. A note to Ald. Hamilton, it's not a wise idea to use the  Milwaukee County Board as a barometer of good ideas.

I'll be recording the show on the City Channel tonight to watch it again and post more later.  My first question is why hasn't this been discussed in the media.  I think the city did a fine job of meeting behind closed doors to deflect input.

Time to contact your alderman and find out what's going on citizens.